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Walk-by shopping 4

15th of January, and I’m already having trouble keeping up my “photo a day” challenge.

I’m still managing, but I don’t think the results will be really interesting. Spent the day in and around the house today, didn’t go out except into the garden. So, if I put up the photos of this challenge, the entry of January 15th will show a photo of one of our two cats. Nothing wrong with that per se, but… it would be more challenging to find something more special. Oh well, if I stay home another weekend, there’s one more cat to photograph, but after that, I can’t repeat myself.

Will be traveling for work next week; on the one hand an opportunity to get some “fresh” pictures, on the other hand… I hope there’s some time (during daylight hours) left to shoot them.

So, those are some random ramblings on my “photo a day” challenge.

Now, without further ado: more walk-by shopping.

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