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Photo-a-day: January 5 2012

The bike shop. I drive this bike shop daily (well, on working days), regardless of whether I’m by bike or by car. I remember I was by car that day. (Otherwise, I would have made a different photo for the day, I guess…)

Rollei 35SE, Ilford HP5+ @ 800 iso, 1/30s, f/3.5

As for the Photo-a-day of February 12… Went out shooting with Richo today, out in the cold cold morning. Light certainly wasn’t perfect, but being in a new environment is always inspiring. Took about 70 shots (all with my Bronica RF645), but just to stay true to the Photo-a-day challenge I also took just one shot with my current Photo-a-day camera (later, when I was back home). You’ll see in a little over a month what my choice will be. I don’t know yet, but I know I’ve got some rolls of film to develop. 🙂

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