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Photo-a-day: February 11 2012

The culprit. I noticed a few days ago that one of the rear tires of the car could probably use some air. Didn’t think much of it at the time; I thought that, just like on the bike, tires lose some air over time.

Today, I noticed the tire again, and… well, long story short, it turns out that when it’s freezing outside, the air compressors commonly found at gas stations are out of operation. Ended up at my garage, where on a Saturday one of the salesmen (no mechanics on Saturday) helped out.

The tire repaired, only this souvenir remains: the culprit.

A nice opportunity to use my el-cheapo ring flash on my EOS. Always shoots at 1/60 f/4, and still, it seems to work fine that way. This is a 1:1 shot with the 100mm macro lens.

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