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Photo-a-day: February 16 2012

Good healthy food, mmm!


  1. Posted March 25, 2012 at 19:15 | #

    Hey, Jacco, do you develop all your film yourself? I am guessing that you probably do. Are you also still a film only photographer? Which I am guessing you probably are too. Just curious, but why do you still shoot film? Not that I, of course, find anything wrong with that, just am curious as to why you still do, and not digitally.

    How many more days do you have left in your analog lag? I actually think you were getting into a nice groove in the latter part here, where photos seemed to be more natural and comfortable with your daily images. I don’t know if you answered this when I asked it before, but what do you conclude from doing the series? What did you get out of it? Though, you may be waiting until it has concluded to answer that…

  2. Posted March 25, 2012 at 19:22 | #

    Good questions Jeff, I am really curious what Jacco is going to answer.

  3. Posted March 28, 2012 at 22:29 | #

    Not just good questions, but a lot of them as well. Yes, I develop all B&W film myself. Occassionally, I also make prints, although not as often as I would like.
    Why still analog? I like it. But I must say that I myself sometimes wonder why I still shoot almost exclusively analog…

    So, I will give this more thought. Not only because you asked, but also because I wonder myself.

    Returning the question, though… Jeff, how is your sidestep to analog coming along, do you like it, do you hate it? And for both: what do you miss most and what do you miss the least from the analog process in your now digital days? Would you consider… not going back 100%, for sure, but mixing in a few rolls of film every now and then, between the digital shots?

  4. Posted April 1, 2012 at 22:37 | #

    Wow, I really don’t keep track of continuing comments on other people’s sites! 🙂 If I would have seen your reply earlier, Jacco, I would have titled my latest Journal entry not “Okay, Seriously, Never Again”, to “In Response To Jacco” 🙂

    You know, if I had like you have, Jacco, and already the means (chemicals, materials, etc.) in my possession to develop my own film, then, yes, I probably might, every once in a blue moon,, for ol’ time’s sake, get me a roll or two of film, and go out and shoot with them.

    However, seeing as I don’t, and finding someone who actually still develops film in this current, one horse town, that I currently live in… no, those two rolls shot last weekend, will most likely be my last rolls of film shot ever.

    To answer your other questions though… what did I miss the most from shooting analog? – Frankly, nothing. Shooting, is shooting, really… the matter that the image is being recorded on film, and not some piece of silicon chip, is really inconsequential.

    Though, I guess I would say, though I found I really didn’t miss it that much, the fact of being able to instantly see what it was I captured, a couple times, it would have been nice, to see and make sure I was getting what I was going for.

    Also though, even though I only shot with a yellow filter on, I do miss, and liked shooting black and white with color filters on the front of the lens to alter the scene’s tones. That, I would say, would be the thing I miss the most from going digital, that I just really liked experimenting with… and depending on my mood, dictating what color filter I would put on the front of my lens when I went out shooting black and white.

    What do I miss the least? Definitely, in big, bold, capital letters, in bright neon – exactly what I wrote about in my article, and am frustrated by now: My not having the images now in front of me, but still needing to get the rolls developed… then scanned… then looked at and edited! I just really don’t have the time, nor the patience anymore! 🙂 This whole, antiquated process, I just really don’t care for it much anymore, and frankly gets on my nerves! 🙂

    Again, if I, like you, had already the means to develop them myself, it would be a totally different story, and probably really would shoot film off and on, now and then, here and there, if I could just come home, and have it all developed myself in no time. But…

    So, last questions answer – no. No, I probably never will, even now and then, ever shoot film again. Bottom line, just too much hassle, for something that really isn’t worth it (meaning, I could get the very same result, by shooting digital).

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