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Earth & Sky IV

I think this will be the last one with an animal on it in this series. Maybe it will even be the end of this series. There is more to show from that day, that roll of film, that same bike-trip, but despite these similarities, I think it will be a different series. Now, if only I could think of a good title for that series…


  1. Posted July 1, 2012 at 14:10 | #

    My favorites from the series are your last two here.

    III, I like the angle of the foreground gate, and mild drama of dark clouds, wet gate, and again, the sheep looking at you.

    IV here, I like the lines, and how they all direct one’s eye into, and all over the image… the foreground reeds to the cow, the cow to that mound line back to the crop, the clouds to the front of the image again.

    Do you scan in your film and digitally edit your photos, Jacco, or do you do it all in the darkroom when you make the print?

    • Posted July 3, 2012 at 21:20 | #

      Thanks, Jeff, I think III is my favourite, but IV comes close.

      I wish, I wish I did it all in the darkroom when making prints. Fact is, without a permanent darkroom, I don’t get around to printing as much as I would like: it takes 15-20 minutes to convert the shower to temporary darkroom, and 15-20 minutes to convert it back again, it is really something I often don’t feel like doing. Which is a shame, really.

      So, scanning film and digitally editing is what I do for 99% of the photos you see posted here. It might even be 99.5%. Just a few are scanned prints.

      Again, a shame, really. I should just take the loss of the 30-40 minutes of set-up and break-down time and make some prints… :-/

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