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Serendipity 2

As an intermezzo, I bring you a Polaroid shot taken yesterday, marking the start of a series I call “Serendipity”. (The actual start of the series was this shot, but when there’s only one, it’s not a series yet, now, is it?)

What happened? One of our cats was bathing in the late evening sunlight on this chair that is small even for her. In a few minutes, the sunlight would be gone, so I had to act fast. What cameras do I have lying around? Ah, the Polaroid camera still has some film (or in this case: photos) in it. Okay, check. What else? Okay, I like the light, I like the image of the cat on the chair, but I don’t like the background in the left part of the frame. But… there’s no time to change that now, and if I would change it, the cat might (most likely: will) get up and go away. So, I’ll just take the shot as it is.

And then, serendipity helped me out. The leftmost chemical pod on the back of the photo didn’t fully eject its chemicals into the photo. Exactly the part of the photo that I didn’t like anyway, the way too messy background, didn’t develop.


You never know when the next photo in this series will show up. That’s serendipity for you.

P.S.: this is no Impossible photo, this is still some old stock Polaroid material. I’ve still got a few packs left. You see, not only Impossible gives unexpected results, even Polaroid can surprise you.


  1. Posted July 22, 2012 at 23:36 | #

    Cats are certainly odd little creatures. Like your’s liking to perch atop a chair seat too small for her, for just a few moments of sunshine… my cat, constantly causes me to look at her and just shake my head, at the most nonsensical places you chooses to lie at times! Why?! Of all the places that you can lie, and I am sure, lie more comfortably, do you choose to lie in this spot?! Gotta love ’em 🙂

    And yes, how quite photographically serendipitous you have been of late!

  2. Posted July 26, 2012 at 14:10 | #


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