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September means redhead day

September 2nd was redhead day again.

I guess all digital photographers have shared their photos either that same day or over the next few days after the event.

Not us, though. I’ve seen at least two other analog shooters there that day. We work a bit slower.

But I actually had my slide film developed and back in house within a week. However: busy, work, life, other stuff. In other words, it has taken some time, but I’m back now. With the first of a few redhead shots.

The camera of choice was the Bessa R3M (with mostly the 90 and 40 mm lenses on it), film used is Fuji X-Pro 400 (last year I used Fuji Astia, and I felt I had a very limited choice of shutter speed (slow-ish) and aperture (wide open) with that 100 iso film. So I decided to give this a try).

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