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Hidden treasure – Found treasure

It’s been two months. Only two months. Two months already. Two months since we had to say goodbye forever to Noukie.

I still have 3 or 4 rolls of film to develop that may or may not contain photos of her. I don’t know. On one hand, I’m anxious to find out, to develop them and see if there are any “new” pictures of Noukie. On the other hand, I want to postpone the task, because even if there are any photos of her, they will be amongst the last “new” photos of Noukie ever. It’s a strange thing. Or maybe it’s not strange at all.

Yesterday, I developed one of these rolls. Actually an experiment, Lomo 110 Orca film of which I bought a few rolls when it first came on the market. Certainly not my first 110 film, but certainly my first black and white 110 film. Rather “lo-fi”, but that’s all in the game of the small 110 format.

And there it was, amongst shots of landscapes and backyard: a single photo of Noukie. And here it is, that single photo. We still miss you.


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    Had the same thing happen with me too, Jacco, except in digital time and not analog 🙂 I can’t remember if it was a week or two weeks after my Li’l Girl passed on, that I found I had a photo taken of her on my iPhone, taken a week before she died.

    Been about three and a half months, since… Still quiet. Though, something strange (to me) – I actually have had thoughts pop in and out of my head of getting another… Something I swore I would never do again… Kind of surprising me that the thoughts have been had by me.

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