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Backyard apple blossom

Do you reckon it’s time for an update here? I’ll give you one.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day took place on April 26, 2015.

Rather dull weather that day, so I doubted between shooting outdoors or indoors. These are the few weeks of the year that the apple, pear and prune in our new backyard are in bloom. Hence I opted for an outdoor shoot, while staying really close to home. Took a few shots of each of the mentioned fruit trees, and opted for this apple blossom shot as my entry for this year.

You can also see it right here, amongst all other WWPPD shots from the Netherlands for 2015.

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  1. Posted May 16, 2015 at 20:03 | #

    Yes, an update! And a very lovely one too. Just the right amount of softness to go with the blossom 🙂
    Pinholes work well with flowers, it seems.

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