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All quiet

Yes, all quiet. Does this website still exist? Yes. Is there any action? Not really.

What happened? I’ve got my permanent darkroom up and running. Yes, permanent, no more building up and tearing down. I’ve bought and installed a Nova print processor. Now I can just go into the darkroom for an hour, up and running in a minute. I’ve started printing again. I’ve still got a backlog of films to develop, but I will get that done, eventually.

And now, what to do with this site? Good question. It has been too quiet here. I am thinking of rebuilding it. Not just a photoblog, but a blog about my photography and a place to show some of my work. More like the websites of my fellow photographers and dare I say friends Richo and Jeff. And like many, many others, no doubt. Or then again, maybe not like that at all. Not sure yet what will change and how it will change, but I’m sure I will be making changes to this site, to the way I present myself and my work to the world.

In the meantime, have a glance at the outcome of a few hours of working in the darkroom earlier today. Got a new camera (like I really needed one, I know, I know), a Wanderlust Travelwide. A great camera. Just about ten years after making the step from 35mm to medium format shooting, this camera adds yet another format to my range of choices, being 4×5″. Took it out the previous weekend for a walk in the area, loaded with no less than four sheets of film (no more, either). Developed them in open trays in total darkness (permanent darkroom, how good to have you!), and chose one of the four scenes to make prints for the APUG Postcard Exchange. Writing this blog entry as I am putting two photos each time on the fibre paper dryer. It’s getting hot in here.

So, yes, still shooting, still developing, still growing. Still here.


  1. Posted October 26, 2015 at 00:50 | #

    Cool, Jacco!

    If I was, or ever become, a permanent resident of any one place on this planet, ever, I would too make a darkroom just for the hell joy of it… So good for you for having yourself one now! (In my best, Dutch Charlton Heston impression voice) – “I’ll give you my film, camera, when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!”

    I know I, as well as I think Richard too, have recently contemplated the future of our own respective websites, and the reason for continuing to do so, in few and far between postings of anything worthwhile… But, have to say myself, as I did to Richard, I hope to see you and your site here to stay, even knowing that it may not be updated much… But, when it is, it is worth it, amd look forward to it… So keep it goin’!

    That Wanderlust is a pinhole? Seems like it’d be an odd camera to hold… Though, guess if it’s a pinhole, it’d almost always be mounted on a tripod…

    Anyway, good to hear from you, and seeing your continued progression in and with that which you love! Look forward to seeing more, as always!

    All the best to you,

    • Posted October 26, 2015 at 11:22 | #

      Jeff, thank you for your comment. Yes, the future of our respective websites. Well, I certainly plan to keep it, but I feel some changes are needed.

      The Wanderlust can be used with the provided pinhole, but I’m using it with a 90mm Angulon f/6.8. Not a fast lens, but much faster than a pinhole. Used it with monopod and handheld so far. This 4×5″ is really new to me, I really have to get it in my head that 90mm is close to 28mm in the 35mm film world. So… when I took the photo shown above, I had not expected such a wide angle view, I had expected more of the central tree. Learning as I go along. That’s all part of the fun!

  2. Posted November 5, 2015 at 14:02 | #

    Great to see action from the darkroom! (And we apologise for the slightly out-of-wack door frame)

    Looking forward to seeing that Wanderlust next time we meet 🙂

  3. Posted April 15, 2016 at 08:52 | #

    Oh I wanted to check that camera which makes those washed out 😉 prints but they have expired certificate so, browser was doing all kinds of excuses not to let me in. In any way, I see now what machine is that.
    I guess you need tripod for it and hide yourself under the dark blanket for focusing? Correct?

  4. Posted April 16, 2016 at 22:10 | #

    Hm, expired certificate indeed. Maybe you can check some stuff on https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wanderlust/travelwide-45-camera . Indeed, 4×5 camera, the focussing screen is not too good, I haven’t tried it with a dark cloth yet, I’ve used scale focussing so far. A tripod is handy indeed, although I have taken one shot (the sheep) without.

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