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Tree among trees

So, the Wanderlust Travelwide. Yes. The first day I took it out (alas, so far there hasn’t been a second day) saw rather dull and overcast weather. That’s reflected in the print, which is more than a bit grey. I would have liked some more contrast, but this is what it was, what it is, not going to “fix it in post”. This is how I contact printed the negative (Ilford FP4+) on old, old Agfa Brovira fiber based paper. Developed in Harman Warmtone developer. Sent around the world in the APUG Postcard Exchange round 36. Now sharing it here. You’ve had a glimpse of it in the previous update, here’s the full shot.

Sure, I plan to take it out again. But only when the weather will be less overcast, more vibrant. And… that hasn’t happened yet. At least, not at a moment when I actually could go out with the camera. Alas, alas. But the day will come, I’m sure!

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  1. Posted April 27, 2016 at 11:56 | #

    Today, may be such a day. I however feel, that you engaged some other way.

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