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Analogue memories

In my backlog of rolls still to develop, I held on to this particular roll from 2012 for quite a while. I suspected it might contain the last “new” photos of Noukie. Not the last ones ever taken, but the last ones that were not yet developed. The roll was shot in an Olympus Pen EE, a half-frame camera (72 shots on a 36-frame roll of film). Two half-frames combined in one print to make a diptych.

I can’t believe it’s been three years. A lot has happened. Time moves onward, forward, but you, you live on in our memories. Sweet dear Noukie.

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  1. Posted May 5, 2016 at 08:25 | #

    Jacco, interesting enough these are good picture. I like them especially in this diptych set. Great contrast, good feel! I know you probably do not care much about my comments. Anyhow I must tell you that I love those toes and even I can not see for certain looks like Noukie watched them very carefully.
    P.S.: film & beer today. Please just tell me if you prefer the post, no problem there.

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