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World Photo Day

Saw the announcement on twitter yesterday. Apparently today is World Photo Day. Well, okay, let’s take a few pictures and publish the first one on the day itself, then.

Wait, what? The same day? Okay, then the analog choice is simple. Impossible film/photos loaded into the SX-70. The colour photos develop rather slowly. I’m sure that in real life, there is more colour in these flowers. I’m curious to see if there will be more colour in the photo in an hour, or tomorrow. This scan won’t change, that’s for sure.

Maybe you hadn’t even noticed, and by mentioning it now, I can’t unmention it and make you unsee it, but… yes, scanning them results in some Newton rings (well, not really rings, but still, something similar), in this case visible in the top, just left from the middle. Probably shouldn’t have mentioned that, but alas, too late now.

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