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Daredevils dive again

Polar Bear Plunge part 3 (the end).

Most people run into the water, take a quick plunge, then run out again. A few linger, swim further away, and walk back slowly.

While others are already drying themselves off, a few daredevils dive in for a second time.


And yes, you were wondering… This guy Jacco shoots analog, doesn’t he? And he only develops B&W film himself, right? Surely not colour film (slide or negative)? Then… how come he posts colour photos taken on January 1st on the same day, and the two days after? Did he switch to digital?


No, he did not. There was no polar bear plunge in my local body of water this year. I took those slides a year ago. Hope that revelation does not spoil the moment for you. On the positive side, yes, still working analog. Not because it’s better, not because it’s worse, but because that’s what I like, that’s what I do.

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  1. Posted January 8, 2017 at 20:58 | #

    Rock on! You go, man! Film, woo-hoo!

    I’m about halfway through roll three… hopefully that roll doesn’t have too many “sticky shutter” frames on it… to play it safe, for the most part, I have taken digital backups of the same shot… pretty much just taking the lens off my F4, keeping all the b&w color filters on the front, and popping it then on my D700, and taking the shot in the exact same way…

    B&W color filters don’t exactly work the same way on a digital camera… yellow works pretty much just fine… orange is okay… and have taken two with a red filter on, that I have really liked the results of after converting to b&w… lastly was that Pop’s On Route 66 taken last month… so much so, that I made that my 2016 photo of the year 😉

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