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I couldn’t scan this print, even if I wanted. Not with my scanner, at least. A4 is about the max I can scan, and this is a 30x40cm (12×16″) ehh… “silver gelatin fiber based print”. Resin coated paper sure is convenient to work with, but when I make enlargements, nothing beats the look and feel of real paper (fiber based).

Taking the shot is one thing, developing the roll of film, also no problem. Printing is fun, but it’s not something I do (or can do, or would want to do) for each negative or even for each roll of film. But still, all this is part of my hobby and I like all of it. But then there’s cutting a matted frame and putting the photo in it. That’s quite a lot of work, and I admit there are much more prints just lying on several stacks in and on top of drawers around the house. Which is a shame. Because… well, when are you going to look at it? So I promised myself to frame a few more, and do this just a bit more often than I used to. Even though it’s a “chore”, the end result is something I’m quite happy with (if I may say so myself).

Just hanging one frame is a bit… lonely, so this one is part of a duo of prints. I’ll show the other one on the next update.


  1. Posted March 4, 2017 at 21:52 | #

    Good for you, Jacco.

    A couple years ago, when I was still fooling myself that I was going to be stable and in one place, I wanted to get around and do the same, and finally make prints of my own work, that I like, and actually display and hang them on my walls. Got to a couple of them, and even went and bought myself a mat cutter, and plannin’ to make my own frames…

    Yeah, well, I’m now living in a van… maybe someday…

    Again though, good for you in doing this… our photos are nothing if they aren’t printed! They’re either just 1’s and 0’s on some media source (mostly in my case), or on negatives stored away somewhere (mostly you, but in small part me also still)… both though that will someday possibly get and be lost, never to be seen, known, appreciated, lest we get them printed…

    So, here’s to getting our work printed!

    • Posted March 6, 2017 at 08:46 | #

      To getting our work printed… and maybe even framed!

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