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I don’t remember how I first heard about these cameras. Probably by viewing work of others while browsing the web. James Guerin runs the website aupremierplan, where he advertises the special pinhole cameras that he builds himself. I must have been looking at that page for about a year, on and off, before I finally decided “I want one!” “I need one!”. So, finally, I treated myself to one of his RealitySoSubtle 6×17 cameras. I shot the first roll end of February and developed it as soon as I finished the roll. Here’s just a quick view at two (of the four that fit on a roll of 120 film) negatives. Someday I will put a photo on this site (either scanned from the negative, or scanned from a contact print), for sure, but who knows when?

With a pinhole of f/233, I really want to wait for sunny weather before taking this camera outdoors. With the films I use mostly, I like to have enough light for 1/30 or 1/15 @ f/16 or better (1/15@f/16 translates to about 20 seconds exposure, because of reciprocity failure. 1/4s@f/16 means about 2 minutes, 2s@f/16 about 2 hours and from there things get worse really fast). So it will hopefully see more use soon, because that means the weather will be nice.


  1. Posted March 17, 2017 at 03:37 | #

    That’s neat, Jacco… look forward to seeing more… and better displays of seeing this work you have been doing, aside from phone pics of them! X-D

    • Posted March 17, 2017 at 08:43 | #

      Yes, that will be the next step. I’ve got some prints, now I need to scan them so I can show them here.

  2. Posted March 28, 2017 at 20:35 | #

    And you forgot to show me that camera! Can’t wait to see it and the photos coming from it.

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