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Updates are few and far between. Scanning negatives is not my favourite hobby, I noticed again today. Dust is one thing, but getting rid of the digital artefacts is another. It takes a lot of time; time I’d rather spend in the darkroom, making a nice print. I have to find the right balance here… If I want to put photos on my site, I have to invest time in that. Not only time, it also takes skill. Completely different skills than darkroom work; skills I don’t have. At least not so much. So, I’m putting up this picture, but to be honest: I’m not really satisfied with the way it looks. But I’ve been scanning most of the evening, and I want to show at least something…

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  1. Posted April 20, 2006 at 09:08 | #

    OK, I got some feedback from a collegue. I’ll try some other tools, but most of all: I’ll try scanning the print instead of the negative.

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