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The last picture for 2006. Equipment and film: see previous entry.

It’s been quite a year, there’s a lot I could tell… But let me stick to the subject of photography.

2005 already put me with one foot back into analogue, 2006 has put both feet together in the analogue world. 2006 marked my first steps into medium format. Very interesting, it was like learning to look and compose all over again. Working slower, contemplating more, all in all: there was and still is a lot to learn. I hope to make plenty more pictures next year. And even a few good ones.

If I had to pick my own favourites of this year, I’d go for Roses are black and white and Small church. (Pure coincidence, but nice detail: one in medium format, one in 35mm.)

A warm thank you for all who supported us in this difficult year, and
Best wishes for 2007 to all who read this!

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  1. Posted December 31, 2006 at 11:22 | #

    All the best to you both!!!

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