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I have been trying a few different crops for the image posted here. This is one I want to share with you.

Looking at the uncropped image, I was sure that the first thing to crop off was the person just coming into view in the lower left. Next, I thought I’d remove a lot from the top of the picture. What remains is the bottom and the right sight. Here I still have my doubts…

In this case, I cropped most of the bottom of the photo too. I’m not sure if that’s the correct choice; the cobblestones give some “direction” from below left towards the right, which leads the attention to the subject of the photo. Or would it only distract from the real subject?

The right… yeah… well… I guess most of you will say: why not crop the garbage bin and the “big fries” as well? It would move the collegue photographer away from the middle of the frame, and it’s not like the garbage bin really adds anything to the photo…

I might give that a try, actually. The reason I didn’t crop it yet, although I’m not sure it’s really visible, is that the girl is holding a tray of fries as her lunch… I wanted to ‘link’ that to the huge fries at the right of the frame. Probably that doesn’t work… Let me know!

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