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square crop

I hope I’m not boring you… I just have to try a few more ways of cropping the photo to see what works best.

I like the (almost) square format… Compared to the previous crop, this adds some more space around the people, adds some depth to the scene. And (in the foreground) some more light as well. Is it better than the previous one, or did you like the previous one better? Your input is always welcome…

By the way, here’s the uncropped original.

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  1. Posted September 7, 2007 at 08:56 | #

    you know street photo, there is a huge theorie, or should I say talking about it? What I find important in street photo is following:

    – you shouldn't attract attention, at least not the way it will disturb your subject
    – you should stay on the same place, which you think will bring something interesting
    – you should have pre focused camera and a bit shallow DOF and you should be able to position your self that far from subject that he is sharp and background is off (important)
    – And than you observer and wait. You make a lot of shot, you do not leave a place
    – You observer people behavior so you can pre visualize what is going to happen

    To have that you should do what normal people do, staying around, drinking coffee or just sitting, staying around. You surely shouldn't play with camera. All is setup manual time, aperture, focus.

    So that what I would suggest.

    To this shot and its crops I would say following:
    – if I knew that I am going to take picture of this girl, her boy (you can see part of his leg) and the bike there. I would go about 90 degree to the left with sun behind my back and would filter out the people passing by. To have her against wall.
    – I would be closer
    – I could pretend, taking pictures of payment or something so they would forget me after while

    But all this is just another bla bla bla, we should go for beer…

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