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The answer is yes. Yes, I can smile again. Yes, I can see the sunshine. Yes, I feel good again. Yes, we can fight this beast! We did fight this beast!

Happy, happy.

What about this picture? The location is very boring, very mundane: out of my window on the 1st floor. But would you believe those colours? Well, it’s slide film; I have kept the slide next to the monitor after scanning. I’ve tried to keep it as close to the original as possible. Yes, it’s easy to add some saturation. But this is real. Fortia SP is already a very satured film, but still… This was taken in the minutes around sunset. Light changes every second around that time. I was afraid this slide would be too dark, too boring. But when I got it back from processing today, I was stunned.

Equipment: Mamiya C3, 80mm lens
Film: Fuji Fortia SP 50 @ 64 ISO
More than you want to know: 1/15s @ f/2.8 (I usually don’t write this down, but this time, I did…)

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