© 2008 Jacco

Green light

Days slow down when important events are ahead. Decisions that are made for you, decisions you can’t influence, but decisions that are one hundred percent about you.

Then the day of the news is there. Slow, slow, slow, waiting, waiting, waiting. Will the day end with sunshine or with dark, dark clouds? The two possibilities take turns in your mind.

Finally, the word is spoken. It’s not all sunny, but it’s the best we could hope for, so yes, it *is* sunny. Green light. And everything speeds up again. The fog that blocked the view is clearing.

Live life!

(Alternatively, additionally, whatever, I could also have named this contribution “Industrial 5”. I didn’t, but I will still number the next in the Industrial series “6”.)

Equipment: Canon EOS 30, 50mm f/1.4 lens
Film: FP4+ in Ilfotec HC 1+31 (7 mins)

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