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Dreams of trees…

Equipment: Mamiya C3, 80mm lens
Film: Ilford Delta 100, 5 min in Ilfosol 3 1+9
Paper: Ilford MG IV FB matt

Update: Almost the same location, almost the same time, but a different photo on Richard Vanek’s site.


  1. Posted January 13, 2009 at 09:35 | #

    Image feels very gentle, the blur gives nice soft feel. I like that. What I like less is the composition. For me too much sky too much white and little too central. Also the horizon of trees in the bottom makes me feel that image is not straight. I think it is a fact that middle of the image is the brightest what makes me feel like image is not closed is like open balloon and air is going out. My eyes are always leaded out of image there is not central point where I would focus.

  2. Posted January 13, 2009 at 09:41 | #

    Richo, I see what you mean… I'm glad you like the unsharpness, that's the first thing I had in mind when I saw the trees through the viewfinder (they were out of focus first time I looked. I put them in focus, then decided against it). Perhaps I focussed a bit too much on that, forgetting other parts of the composition. Well, it was an experiment, and part of it worked out fine, others can be improved. Thanks for your comment.

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