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favourites: Kodachrome

Expanding the favourites series (finally, some would say).

For obvious reasons, film is one of my favourites.

Although most of my work is black and white, I really wanted to show Kodachrome here. (Actually, Kodachrome is three B&W films in one…)

This week, on June 22nd, Kodak announced the retirement of this great film, after almost 75 years of “those nice bright colors”. They’re taking our Kodachrome away. I hope I can do some special shooting with my last few rolls. You will see it here, in due time.

Believe it or not, but I took this picture a few weeks before the announcement from Kodak.

Previous favourites are here, here and here

Canon EOS, 100mm macro, Ilford Delta 3200 (yes, another favourite) in Fotospeed FD-10.

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