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The Blues

Last of this series of three.

I call it “The Blues”.

Still hard to get it right. After this, I will move to black and white work again. It’s just easier for the partial colour-blind that I am…

This was also my contribution to the APUG Postcard Exchange round 17. So I can proudly (or, failing that, at least: honestly) say that a limited edition set of 10×15 cm prints of this photo has found its way to some 25 homes around the globe.

To stay in theme with the title of this photo, I can say that the blues is over, the past few months during which I rarely photographed are… well, past, and I’m shooting again, seeing the world with a different eye. It might take me a few more weeks to get some results, but in due time, you will see them posted here.

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  1. Posted December 4, 2009 at 20:17 | #

    Not bad for a black&white specialist!
    But I wonder, why the green ones?

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