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Full attention

Full attention. Sharp. Looking at me. Charging. The beast. The dragon.

I know this series is not like my usual work. I really enjoyed shooting this, though. Street, reporter-style (sort-of), people (some), action; all in all, again, quite different from my usual work. But I really enjoyed this. Maybe I should investigate this “genre” a bit further…

What do you think? Back to quiet, serene, steady black and white trees? Or more of this? Why?

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  1. Posted March 28, 2010 at 19:10 | #

    This AND the quiet, serene, steady black and white trees. Not in the same frame, but in a mix.
    As long it depicts something you want to share with the world 😉

    About the dragon being real or not: it is a real sneaker wearing dragon!

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