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Yellow biscuit of a buttery cue ball

Efke IR 820.

What to say? The IR effect is good (and I have yet to try the “Aura” version), but… lots and lots of dark spots on the negative (showing up as light spots in the positive). I’m not the only one who’s having problems with this particular Ekfe film. I have a few more rolls, I will try to see if a different way of processing helps, but… I doubt it. A shame, really, because the film has a very nice look, if it weren’t for the spots.

Both in spite of and because of the spots, I thought I’d show you this photo. Taken with my faithful Mamiya C3, 80 mm lens with 715 nm filter, and a nice sunny f/16 rule: 2 seconds at f/16 (yes, I rate it at an astounding ISO 0.5).
Developed in ID-11 1+0 (prepared with demineralised water) for 8 minutes, plain water as stop bath, Ilford Rapid fix, rinse with plain water, a bit of wetting agent in the final rinse… If you’ve got any hints on how to treat this film better, let me know. I’d love to get rid of the black spots.

Oh, and you were wondering about the title? There’s always music in my head. Sometimes from a real stereo, but also often just an echo of a good song. This was in my head when I was trying to come up with a title. No doubt you can google to find who it is from. 😉 Kudos and +2 if you know without googling.

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