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This photo marks the end of the Doel series. Somehow I feel there should be more, but… that needs some more time. Maybe the interesting shots still need to be taken; maybe I need to work on the photos I shot so far. Anyway, to be honest, I had expected more of the series. This closing shot is not my favourite, but it is clearly the shot to use as the “end of Doel” photo. Well, the end of the series, but I hope for the people of Doel that Doel will stay for many years to come.

Deze foto markeert het einde van de Doel serie. Ergens heb ik het idee dat de serie nog niet af is, maar… het heeft meer tijd nodig. Misschien moet ik er nog eens heen, nieuwe foto’s maken; misschien moet ik nog eens goed kijken naar wat ik tot nu toe geschoten heb. Hoe dan ook, eerlijk gezegd had ik meer van deze serie verwacht. Deze slotfoto is niet mijn favoriet, maar een duidelijker knipoog naar “einde van de Doel serie” kun je niet krijgen. Het einde van de Doel serie, maar voor de inwoners van Doel hoop ik dat Doel nog vele jaren blijft.

Tip: film “De engel van Doel” (An Angel in Doel) van Tom Fassaert. Ben van plan ‘m zelf volgende week te gaan bekijken in het filmhuis.
Trailer available here.


  1. Posted April 5, 2011 at 13:00 | #

    Ah, I see an opportunity for a photo expedition in the future? Keep me posted!

    Regardless of your feeling about the series being finished or not, I thought it was a good bunch to see and I liked the limitation/focus on one subject and "reporting" style of the series.
    After looking through the whole series once more, I am left with one question: Doel is still partly inhabited right? Was it then a conscious (artistic?) choice to have no people present, to convey the emptiness as it were? Or more a coincidence??

    Or am I thinking too much now?

  2. Posted April 5, 2011 at 14:03 | #

    A photo expedition? Sure, we'll plan something.

    Not showing any people was unintentional, although it would have been hard to have different people in each shot.
    In the opening shot of the series there is at least a hint of Doel being inhabited; the photo shows a shop.

    I have seen a handful of inhabitants that day (and maybe twice as many tourists / photographers), but none caught on film.

    I almost caught a (stray?) dog in the empty streets on film, but alas, that was the 38th shot on a roll of 37…

  3. Posted April 6, 2011 at 11:02 | #

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