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Market – du vin

Another case in point. Yes, bottles of wine (instead of rows of jars). And once more, the merchants looking the other way. Well, in this case they are looking *completely* the other way. That actually seems better than the jar-seller who is almost but not quite looking my way.

Anyway, I thought the rows of jars were more visually compelling than the bottles of wine. So maybe I’ve already shown you the best of my market series, and it’s all downhill from here.
Maybe a different subject on the next update? Maybe not (yet)?…

Bronica RF645, 65mm lens, Ilford Delta 100.

An afterthought: …what if I hadn’t mentioned that the merchants were looking away? Maybe you wouldn’t have thought the two men to be the merchants. Just people walking around, shopping at the market. Me and my big mouth…

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